Gartrip Files

These waypoints are for input into Gartrip.exe and were used and tested in Ragged Robin’s cruises:-

2003: South Coast
2004: Holland
2005: German Bight and Baltic
2007,9: Netherlands
2008: S Coast, Brittany, Normandy
2010: Belgium, France

It is the user’s responsibility to check their contemporary accuracy.

WCC Anchoring Cruise 2005

East Coast

Woodbridge to Scillies, Brittany, Normandy

Woodbridge to Belgium, Holland

Woodbridge to Belgium, France

Netherlands 2007,9

Flushing to Hoorn via Antwerp

Zieriksee to W Terschelling via Antwerp, Ijsselmeer, Harlingen, Texel, Vlieland

German Bight and Baltic

Woodbridge to St Kaths