Inexpensive/free Software for passage Planning etc

Free/inexpensive PC Aids for Passage Planning

Sources of software (all can be trialled from the websites)

1.Tidal Predictions and Passage Planning
Height: Belfield Tide Plotter (£5.99):
Free but laborious:
Streams and Passage Planning: Neptune Passage Planning (£65: includes 1 chart folio):
(For demonstration of Neptune planning passage from Languard to Brightlingsea, ask me to send self-executing files)

2.Waypoint Management
Gartrip (Euro 30):

3. Downloads of waypoints and routes for the above from my website:
These are files for downloading and importing into specific programmes. Double click on them to download. If your browser shows gobblydegook, don’t despair!, simply save the page to the file name given, and import the saved file into your application. (see

Waypoints and Routes for Gartrip (E F Evans):-

WCC Anchoring Cruise 2005
East Coast
Woodbridge to Scillies, Brittany, Normandy
Woodbridge to Belgium, Holland
Woodbridge to Belgium, France
Netherlands 2007,9
Flushing to Hoorn via Antwerp
Zieriksee to W Terschelling via Antwerp, Ijsselmeer, Harlingen, Texel, Vlieland
German Bight and Baltic
Woodbridge to St Kaths
(Used for 2003: South Coast; 2004: Holland; 2005: German Bight and Baltic; 2007,9: Netherlands; 2008: S Coast, Brittany, Normandy; 2010: Belgium, France)

Waypoints/Routes for Neptune (E F Evans):-

Thames, N Sea routes:
Netherlands routes:
Belgium routes:
S Coast and France routes:
German Bight, Baltic routes:
E and S Coast routes

4-day animated Synoptic Charts:
East Anglia 5-day land Forecast:
Shipping Forecast:…
Inshore Waters Forecast:…

2-5 day Inshore Forecasts with charts (£3.25 for 24 hours):

Frank Singleton’s excellent weather website: